Welcome to L&L Europe Ltd

Here at L&L Europe we believe that online gam(bl)ing is built on five services where an iGaming company must exceed in:

  • A user friendly interface;
  • Easy deposits;
  • Fast withdrawals;
  • High quality and innovative games;
  • An unparalleled customer service.

The above is what we offer at L&L Europe but we add a little twist that makes it even better: we built online casinos which are localised. This means every casino owned and operated by L&L Europe has the look and feel of a specific country were we serve our players. But that’s not it: we offer an online casino in the language of the country, we offer deposit- and withdrawal options as players from the country prefer, we use the currencies as used in the country and most importantly we provide trained support employees who are natives so no communication barriers.

That’s what makes L&L Europe the European’s leading company offering online entertainment for consumers.