L&L Europe Ltd objectives are to create an outstanding consumer experience and provide the best levels of service found in the industry. To achieve these goals L&L Europe Ltd invests in the best quality and most extensive range products which can compete to the highest levels in the gaming industry. To solely focus on offering the best consumer experience L&L Europe Ltd has decided that a third party will handle all business to business consumer acquisition partnerships.


L&L Europe Ltd understands that consumer retention is vitally important to their operation. L&L Europe Ltd manages all retention activities to enhance their performance as the consumers experience is of paramount importance. The expertize within retention that L&L Europe Ltd offer includes reporting which involves the business model being analysed in depth to discover how the performance can best be optimised.

Analyze Customer Data

L&L Europe Ltd analyse customer relationship management and identify how to best build on a brands performance and service offering. In addition to this L&L Europe Ltd can break down consumer data and segment consumers into different groups to help with new retention campaigns.

All Business to Business partnerships that L&L Europe Ltd is involved with are handled by Sarah Enterprises Ltd.

L&L Europe Ltd has entered into an exclusive agreement with this Gibraltar based Marketing company to handle all of their promotions and partnership lead generation.