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Five awards for L&L Europe Ltd at the CasinoMeister Awards 2019

Jan Wienk
2019-12-01 09:47:00

The awards that matter in igaming are the CasinoMeister awards. Why? Because no appointed jury but actual players give their votes. The players but also members on the forum, can provide their suggestions and from the suggestions a shortlist is created. Now the senior members and staff (a total of 187) will vote for the final winners. Last year L&L Europe won two awards, which we at that time didn’t expect:

  • Best casino group 2018
  • Best new casino 2018

And this year, one of the very first casinos we’ve founded, was shortlisted for the award: Best casino 2019! When the results were published on Monday the 27th of January, we got quite surprised as we won a total of five awards – well, actually four because one award could be seen as a negative one. Although, we’ve accepted that award with a big smile! Let’s have a look at all the awards we’ve won:

1) Best casino 2019 = All British Casino!

Best Casino AwarsAccording to the verdict:

“A lot of a kudos for All British Casino by the senior members and staff. Especially with player issues or special promotions for members. But on top of that CasinoMeister did not receive one single complaint regarding All British Casino”.

To be quite fair, we didn’t expect this award so it makes us really proud. And also a big thanks to Ryan the head of UK affiliates at L&L Europe we started working with CasinoMeister back in 2015!

2) Best casino group 2019

casino groupAccording to the verdict:

“L&L Europe remained the most praised casino group… These guys really know what they are doing – for two years in a row! CasinoMeister’s complaint service barely received any formal complaints which is amazing considering the amount of players, how demanding players can be and how many things can go wrong. Keep up the good work L&L Europe Ltd.”

And so we will!

3) Best new casino 2019 = Hyper Casino!

new casinoLast year the award for best new casino went to Fun Casino, also one of the L&L Europe casinos and this year we managed to do the same with Hyper Casino!

According to the verdict:

“Hyper Casino takes the honor this year. Superbly run, its baptism by fire ran nearly without a hitch. But if and when something was amiss, it was quickly sorted by the casino staff. Great going folks and keep up the good work!”

And Hyper Casino is still going strong. This year we aim to launch a new casino which will be a pay and play casino. The launch will be later in the year and therefore we are sure that in 2020 the award for best new casino will go to one of our fellow competitors.

4) Best casino representative 2019

To be honest we have been working hard to scoop this award. It is a prestigious award and the competition is strong. The casino rep is L&L-Jan, and Jan is actually the first employee to join the L&L Europe operations back in 2013!

From the verdict:

“Jan has daily presence in our forum. Not only overseeing the forum to be sure members are satisfied with L&L Europe, but he joins the daily banter about industry issues, casino games, player issues and gambling in general. Jan is a daily voice and avoids the drama. He is able to deal with any player issues that comes his way in an amicable, knowledgeable and professional manner that shows he is an exceptional representative….

Jan understand the philosophy of a competitor friendly environment this industry needs. Only the most professional and savvy representatives understand this value. The competition should take a leaf from his book of tips for representatives. Impressive!”

Those are pretty kind words from the meister himself for a casino representative. High fives to the Meister. But Jan will make sure he keeps up the good job, making sure that in the end every player at L&L Europe are satisfied.

And last, but not least:

5) Stupidest named casino = CasinoCasino!

Negative news is also news right? So let’s accept this award with a big smile. CasinoCasino – double the fun – is a great casino. Personally we thought, let’s name this casino, casinocasino, because it’s sooo good that just casino wasn’t enough!

Going from 2 to 4 (or 5, depending how you look at the last award) is a great result and a motivation to continue and become even better in 2020!

We are ready, and luckily we have some great news coming soon that will satisfy many players!